CA Daily 3

Daily 3 drawings take place twice a day at 1:00 PM (Midday draw) and 6:30 PM (Evening draw) and give players the chance prizes for matching those three numbers in a combination of styles.

Daily 3 Midday Numbers

Below you will find the winning numbers for the Daily 3 Midday draw in California.

Wednesday June 12th 2024
3 5 4
Tuesday June 11th 2024
5 2 8

Monday June 10th 2024
7 1 3

Sunday June 9th 2024
5 9 6

Saturday June 8th 2024
5 1 1

Friday June 7th 2024
1 5 8

Thursday June 6th 2024
2 1 5

Daily 3 Evening Numbers

The following numbers are the winning numbers for the Daily 3 Evening draw.

Tuesday June 11th 2024
8 1 1
Monday June 10th 2024
5 5 5

Sunday June 9th 2024
0 4 0

Saturday June 8th 2024
2 3 5

Friday June 7th 2024
8 0 9

Thursday June 6th 2024
6 2 5

Wednesday June 5th 2024
2 5 4

Daily 3 Draw Details

Daily 3 differs to most lottery games by the fact prizes are dictated by what style you think your selected numbers will match those drawn. There are three options; Straight, Box or Straight/Box, which is a combination of the two. Below are the details on each method:

Straight: Your three numbers need to match the three drawn numbers in the exact same order. This type of game offers the highest prizes but usually is the hardest to get right, with the odds being 1 in 1,000 for winning in this tier.

Box: Here you are aiming to match the three numbers drawn but they can be in any order, so if your selected numbers are 1-5-9, you would still win if the numbers drawn were 9-1-5. There are also two levels to Box prizes which differ based on if the numbers you chose are all different (e.g. 1-5-9) or if two numbers are the same (e.g. 9-5-9). The prizes are usually slightly lower if all three numbers are different as the odds of this happening are far more favourable.

Straight/Box: This combination of play styles essentially enters you into both by splitting your $1 entry across both methods. If you were to match the numbers in the exact drawn order then you would win roughly half the Straight prizes and roughly half the Box prize, whilst if you were to match the numbers in any other order then you would win roughly half the Box prize. Like the Box method, the prizes will differ based on whether all your numbers are different or if two or more are the same.

See the table below which gives some examples of ways to win via Straight, Box or Straight/Box play styles:

CA Daily 3 Play Styles and Ways to win
Play Style Example Numbers Draw numbers needed to Win
Straight 1-5-9 1-5-9
Box (3 different numbers) 1-5-9 1-5-9, 1-9-5, 5-9-1, 5-1-9, 9-1-5, 9-5-1
Box (2 different numbers) 9-5-9 9-5-9, 9-9-5, 5-9-9
(3 different numbers)
1-5-9 1-5-9 Exact Order
1-5-9, 1-9-5, 5-9-1, 5-1-9, 9-1-5, 9-5-1 Any order
(2 different numbers)
9-5-9 9-5-9 Exact Order
9-5-9, 9-9-5, 5-9-9 Any Order

As with all California lottery games, the prizes are Pari-mutuel. This means the prizes in each tier are dependent on the prize pool for the draw and the amount of prize money that is allocated for each tier, which is then in turn shared equally amongst all the winners in that tier. This differs to Daily 3 games in other states which usually work by rewarding players with a prize that is based on the amount they wager on their numbers coming up.