CA Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5 is one of five different daily draw games in CA but regularly offers the biggest jackpot amongst those games. Draws take place at 6:30pm, with ticket sales closing just before then. Enter Fantasy 5 today for your shot at winning tens of thousands of dollars for matching just five numbers!

CA Fantasy 5 Numbers

Here are the latest winning numbers from Fantasy 5 in California, along with the numbers from the previous six draws.

Saturday May 18th 2024
4 10 20 34 36

Next Estimated Jackpot
Friday May 17th 2024
4 6 8 16 36

Thursday May 16th 2024
3 8 11 17 39

Wednesday May 15th 2024
6 24 34 35 38

Tuesday May 14th 2024
13 14 27 31 32

Monday May 13th 2024
8 9 12 21 35

Sunday May 12th 2024
7 13 15 34 38

Game Details

How to Play

Playing Fantasy 5 could not be easier. All you have to do is choose five numbers from 1 to 39 and fill them out on your playslip and you are entered into a draw. If you don’t have five numbers that you wish to play then you can fill out the Quick Pick option which will randomly select the five numbers for you when your ticket is printed off. Each entry costs $1, with up to five entries on each playslip and no limit on the number of playslips you can fill out.

To avoid missing out on future draws you can take advantage of Advance Play and enter multiple draws in a row. Just select the number of draws you wish to enter in a row (up to 12) and your numbers will be entered into that many, although you must remember that each draw entered will cost $1. So if you enter one set of numbers into 10 draws in a row it will cost you $10.

Once you have bought your ticket and checked the numbers are correct, sign the back of your ticket. This will make sure that nobody can claim a prize from this ticket unless they have ID proving they are the signature on the back. After doing this, store the ticket in a safe place and wait for the winning numbers to come out.

Fantasy 5 2nd Chance

If you spend $5 or more on a single Fantasy 5 playslip then you will receive a code to enter into the 2nd chance draw that takes place weekly on Saturday nights. There are three $10,000 prizes and 12 $1,000 prizes up for grabs in each draw and there is no additional entry fee if you have been given a code.


Fantasy 5 offers prizes for matching two or more numbers, with each additional number matched meaning a bigger prize, all the way up to the jackpot amount for matching all five numbers that are drawn. Prizes in in the tiers for matching three or four numbers are pari-mutuel, meaning they will change for each draw depending on the number of entries, the size of the prize pool and the number of winners in that tier. Check out the table below for a description of the prize tiers, the estimated prizes for each draw and the odds of winning:

CA Fantasy 5 Prizes and Odds
Numbers Matched Prize Amount Odds of Winning
5 Jackpot 1 in 575,757
4 Pari-mutuel (est. $400) 1 in 3,387
3 Pari-mutuel (est. $15) 1 in 103
2 Free Entry to another draw 1 in 10

Claiming Prizes

All prizes of $599 or under can be claimed from a normal lottery retailer or corner shop that sells regular tickets. There are nine lottery district offices in San Francisco, Sacramento, East Bay, Central Valley, Van Nuys, Inland Empire, Santa Fe Springs, Santa Ana and San Diego that can also be used to claim prizes of this amount, but any prizes of $600 or more must be claimed at these offices accompanied with a prize claim form. Prizes are valid for 180 days after the draw has taken place, after which the prize money will be added to the California Public Education fund.