Daily Derby Results

Daily Derby is an exclusive-to-CA draw game that sees players select three horses to finish first, second and third along with a winning race time to try and win a jackpot amount that is regularly six figures in size. The game mimics those you may see at a racetrack but can be played from any lottery retailer in the state. Draws take place at 6:30pm daily.

Daily Derby Results

Below are the latest Daily Derby results. Check your ticket against these results to see if you have won a prize by matching as little as just the winner, right up to the jackpot for matching all the top three positions and the race time. The results will be updated just after 6:30PM when the day’s race has taken place.

Friday July 19th 2024
  • 7 - EUREKA
  • 11 - MONEY BAGS
  • 1:41.90

Next Estimated Jackpot
Thursday July 18th 2024
  • 10 - SOLID GOLD
  • 4 - BIG BEN
  • 1:45.25

Wednesday July 17th 2024
  • 2 - LUCKY STAR
  • 1:44.02

Tuesday July 16th 2024
  • 3 - HOT SHOT
  • 2 - LUCKY STAR
  • 1:44.82

Monday July 15th 2024
  • 11 - MONEY BAGS
  • 1:48.54

Sunday July 14th 2024
  • 11 - MONEY BAGS
  • 6 - WHIRL WIN
  • 1:49.95

Saturday July 13th 2024
  • 1:44.50

Daily Derby Details

How to Play

On your Daily Derby playslip you need to choose three horses- one to come first, one to come second and one to come third. If you are struggling to decide which horses you want on your playslip then fill in the Quick Pick option and they will be randomly chosen for you. The Quick Pick will choose all three horses for you, so you cannot choose one or two horses and then have the Quick Pick choose the remaining horse(s) for you.

The next step is to choose how long you think it will take for the winning horse to complete the race, with this being known as the “Race Time”. The race will always take between 1:40.00 and 1:49.99 (one minute and forty seconds dead to one minute, forty-nine seconds and ninety-nine milliseconds), so the player only has to choose how many seconds and milliseconds it will take between 1:40.00 and 1:49.99. So, for example, if you think the race will take 1:46.31 then you would just choose the numbers 6.31. You can also choose the Quick Pick option to have the Race Time randomly chosen for you.

The final step is to choose how many draws you want to enter in advance, which can be from 1-7 or 14. Each draw you enter will cost you $2, so if you enter for 14 draws in a row then your entry will cost you $28.

Check your selections are correct on your ticket once you have bought it and then sign the back of your ticket to make sure that, even if it is lost or stolen, someone else cannot claim your prize.


There are seven different prize tiers in Daily Derby that vary depending on the number of positions you have matched correctly and whether you have correctly predicted the race time or not. The lowest prize is for correctly guessing the race winner, whilst you will need to match the first, second and third positions along with the race time in order to win the jackpot prize that is regularly six-figures in size. See the table below for a description of the prizes available and the odds of winning:

Daily Derby Prizes and Odds
Category Match Prize Amount Odds of Winning
Grand Prize Top three horses and Race Time Jackpot 1 in 1,320,000
Exacta/RT Top two horses and Race Time Est. $85 1 in 147,147
Win/RT Winning horse and Race Time Est. $68 1 in 13,213
Race Time Race Time only Est. $50 1 in 1,001
Trifecta Top three horses Est. $500 1 in 1,321
Exacta Top two horses Est. $23 1 in 147
Win Winning horse Est. $3 1 in 13.2

As with all lottery prizes in California, the prize amounts will normally vary from draw to draw as they are Pari-mutuel, meaning that each person in a selected prize tier will win the same amount based on the size of the prize pool and the amount allocated to that tier.

Winners have up to 180 days after the draw to claim their prize. After this date the ticket will expire and prizes can no longer be claimed, with the unclaimed winnings being transferred to the California Education Fund.